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The Certified Farm Financial Advisor Program
CFFA™ Designation Program

Running a farm business in these economic times can be high-risk due to circumstances beyond the farmer's control; such as: commodity prices, crop yield, and the weather. However, with the help of a knowledgeable financial advisor, there are many areas of finance that farmers can control.

Distinguish Yourself As A Farm Advisor

The Farm Financial Association (FFA) developed the Certified Farm Financial Advisor designation program (CFFA™) to educate accountants, attorneys, bankers, consultants, financial planners, and insurance agents in financial areas that most affect farmers. The certification covers the following seven financial areas:

  • Farm Transition (Estate) Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Debt Planning
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning

By successfully completing the CFFA™ certification program, advisors can gain credibility, instill confidence in their farm clients, and differentiate themselves from other advisors. If you meet the pre-qualification criteria, you can enroll today in this unique and valuable certification program.

Pre-Qualifying Criteria

Anyone interested in obtaining the CFFA™ designation must complete an application and must meet certain pre-qualifying criteria before enrolling in the certification program. A combination of education and experience in the following financial fields is considered by the FFA when approving applicants:

  • Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Consultant (farm-related)
  • Financial Planner
  • Insurance Agent
  • Investment Advisor

CFFA Designation Cost & Yearly Renewal

A CFFA designation cost is $697 and must be renewed every year. The renewal fee is $300 per year, after the first year. To continue your yearly renewals, a designation holder must:

  1. Not be in violation of the CFFA™ Code of Ethics.
  2. Be current on your FFA renewal fee.
  3. Complete 24 hours of continuing education courses each year (beginning the year after your first renewal date).

Your CFFA™ designation and yearly renewals include:

  1. Access to all materials available on the FFA website, including money saving ideas library, newsletter and all the implementation guides in the "PRODUCT" section of the FFA website.
  2. 24 hours of FREE Continuing Education credits (can be also used for CPA continuing education credits). A $300 value!
  3. Access to recorded webinars in the FFA Audio Library.
  4. CFFA™ Study Modules and additional reference materials in the FFA website.
  5. CFFA™ logo for your website, business cards, and letterhead.
  6. An impressive framed "Certification of Completion".

The CFFA Application and Certification Process

A CFFA™ candidate must 1) Complete an Application for Certification, 2) Pass a 100 question (90 minute) open book examination, 3) Agree to abide by the CFFA™ Code of Ethics, and 4) Meet the 24 hour continuing education requirements.

The Application for Certification asks each candidate to disclose whether they have been a party (or involved) in any criminal, civil, governmental, or self-regulatory agency proceeding or inquiry.

The following conduct will bar a candidate from becoming certified:

  • Felony conviction for theft, embezzlement, tax fraud, or other financial crimes
  • Involuntary revocation of a financial or professional license or designation
  • Felony conviction for any criminal activity (violent or non-violent)
  • More than one personal or business bankruptcy
  • A civil or criminal judgment for a financial service performed

Click here to download the CFFA Application
Please complete the application and fax it to 406-765-2060.

CFFA Program Outline

FAQ about CFFA Program

CFFA Code Of Ethics

Enroll in the CFFA Certification program


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